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Naracoorte Caves Connection Project

Project Overview


The Naracoorte Caves Connection Project seeks to leverage the World Heritage values of the Naracoorte Caves site to improve economic and community benefits to Naracoorte and the Limestone Coast. 

It includes the exploration of opportunities to develop visitor facilities, services, events, partnerships and promotions for Naracoorte that are complementary to the World Heritage values, in consultation with key stakeholders, the community and local businesses.

It is a key part of Naracoorte Lucindale Council's economic development plan.


Naracoorte Caves 

In Stage One, a 10-year concept proposal will be developed, which may include complementary developments, infrastructure, services, events and/or facilities for Naracoorte that draw on the World Heritage values of the area. It will also include finding ways to build linkages with the local community and businesses for innovative partnerships, cross-promotion, recreation and education opportunities associated with the World Heritage values of the area.

Stages Two and Three will include project development, feasibility assessment, and partnership building toward staged implementation.


The Caves Connection Project Group


To generate the ideas for the Caves Connection Project, Council has formed a Project Group. The Project Group is comprised of local business and community members who are passionate about the opportunities for Naracoorte and our Region.

The Caves Connection Project Group has been charged with the task of developing ideas for the 10-year Concept Proposal that details opportunities to increase benefits for the local community and businesses from the World Heritage Naracoorte Caves.

The Project Group is supported by a Project Coordinator, and has a small budget to bring in experts, undertake local site visits and consult with the wider community.