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Built Heritage


'Heritage' encompasses all those aspects of the past and present that we value and want to share with future generations.

It includes:

  • Things that we have inherited from the past; and
  • Aspects of our own lives and generation.

Heritage can focus on places, artefacts, photographs, film, documents, landscapes or natural features, but it can also be more than tangible objects. Stories, events, cultural and religious practices, values and ideas can all be important aspects of heritage.

Council's development and planning services is repsonsible for built heritage, that is, buildings, structures and sites.



In Naracoorte Lucindale Council there are currently 74 places listed in the Development Plan as local heritage places.

In relation to a local heritage place, "development" means the demolition, removal, conversion, alteration or addition to, the place, or any other work (not including painting but including, in the case of a tree, any tree damaging activity) that could materially affect the heritage value of the place.

The items listed in the document below have been identified as having significant local heritage value and are listed in the Naracoorte Lucindale Council Development Plan. They are therefore protected by special criteria in regard to development.

Local and State Heritage Register(257 kb)

Council has a Local Heritage Restoration Fund which is allocated to properties listed on its Local Heritage Register.  To find out more about the fund click here