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Section 126 of the Local Government Act, 1999 states that Council must have an Audit Committee

The Committee has five (5) members,  three are elected members of Council, with two being independent members. 

To view a copy of the Audit Committee's terms of reference click the link below:

Audit Committee Terms of Reference(188 kb)

Members of the committee are Mr Jim Ker (Independent Member and Presiding Member), Ms Robyn Mencel (Independent Member), Cr Smith, Cr Ross and Cr Dennis.

Meetings of the Committee are generally open to the public and are held at the Council Chamber, DeGaris Place, Naracoorte at 4.30pm unless otherwise specified. 

Normal Meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of August, October, December, February, April and June.


A special meeting of the Audit Committee may be called in accordance with the Local Government Act.



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October 16 2018
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda & Attachments 16 October 2018 Agenda and Attachments
August 21 2018
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 21 August 2018 Minutes
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda & Attachments 21 August 2018 Agenda and Attachments
June 19 2018
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 19 June 2018 Minutes
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda & Attachments 19 June 2018 Agenda and Attachments
April 5 2018
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 5 April 2018 Minutes
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda & Attachments 5 April 2018 Agenda and Attachments
February 13 2018
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 13 February 2018 Minutes
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda & Attachments 13 February 2018 Agenda and Attachments