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Asset Management

Council is responsible for the management and maintenance of local roads, water supply, waste disposal, buildings, Community Waste Management Systems and recreational facilities.  

The key elements of Council's asset management are:

  • Taking a life cycle approach
  • Developing long term cost effective management strategies
  • Providing a defined level of service and monitoring performance
  • Managing risks associated with asset failure
  • Sustainable use of physical resources
  • Continuous improvement in asset management practices

The Asset Management Strategy outlines the a cost effective apporach to managing these assets through the various stages of acquisition, maintenance, operation, rehabilitation and disposal.


Click the links below to view the

Asset Management Strategy Summary(180 kb)

Asset Management Strategy(1860 kb)


The Asset Management Strategy is supported by the Hierarchy and Service Level Documents and the Asset and Infrastructure Management Plans.


Hierarchy and Service Levels

Service levels define how assets are maintained.  The following Hierarchy and Service Levels have been adopted: